*in pain*

it’s been almost 23 years, but the chronic pain and flares still get to me till this day. when will this ever end? never, i suppose. seeing that i have never been in a remission. i don’t deserve one, do i?



One thought on “*in pain*

  1. Hey girl…hang in there. Can completely relate to how you feeling and I know its really tough. But feeling down only begets depression. The best and only way to cope with chronic pain is to be positive.

    My symptoms mainly flare in my neck and shoulders due to past injuries while every other joint crack and grind. Not to mention being prone to numbness and cramps in the limbs. The worst I guess is waking up to pain, stiff and frozen all over and having pain shoot through your body when ankles touch the floor.

    I no longer believe in medication no matter how much pain I am in. A good diet helps especially omega 3s like salmon, sardines, eggs, cheese, etc. Exercising and stretching for at least 20-30mins a day even when in a lot of pain. Been speaking to a lot of long time sufferers and most agree that pilates help. Sleeping regularly and properly is important but hardest to achieve. Although alcohol isnt really recommended, I always find a glass of wine helps on nights when it is difficult to fall asleep.

    Take care. Be strong and positive.

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