i saw my lovely rheumy today.

i told her “sorry, i don’t have any to show you.” it was her usual check on my joints for any redness or swelling. it might have been a surprise because methotrexate has been cut for a month, and my inflammatory markers are normal. i knew the outcome would be the same. she wants me off methotrexate until April Fool’s at least, but upped my sulfasalazine to the max of 3g a day.

i gave her a pebble. the pebble that i brought home from my mission trip. it was painted and written on for her. and it was a lovely surprise because she loves pebbles!!! then i atrociously asked her for a hug (i love them, remember?), and she gladly obliged.

i only hope that till the next time i see her, RA won’t be such a huge pain in the neck.

then you know what’s the aftermath? i went home and RA decided to have some fun with me. crazy-flared till i was so pissed. there has never been a rheumy visit where i don’t go flare-crazy after the visit. it makes me so mad, but what can i do? nothing.

oh but boy i loved her hug.


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