just another week

it has been a hell of another week, much to my dismay.

i had 2 interviews in 3 days. i will only get news this coming week, if i get the job. if i don’t, i think i’ve decided to go overseas to do missionary work until they can find me a position.

also, pain is creeping in more and more, which i can only assume is the result of cutting my pregabalin so far into half my usual dose. my rheumy is possibly right. my hip pain isn’t the hip synovitis i thought it was. she said it was my piriformis. i suddenly had answers. the sacroiliac joints can affect the piriformis. all the time my sacroiliac joints have been hurting, it probably took a toll on my piriformis muscle. nothing much can be done, except to rehabilitate it. or investigate what is doing what to which. sigh i don’t know.

we Chinese are having the biggest celebration we have on our Chinese calendar- Chinese New Year. while it’s really supposed to be happy and celebratory, i don’t enjoy it much. too much food. too many greetings. too many people to see and hide from.

i’ve been trying to read C.S. Lewis, but i haven’t got down to it. i should, really.

too much grief. hell yeah. too much grief left unattended to that leaves me with so much misery.

tomorrow is a big day for RA. hell yeah!


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