give some, take some


i revived my old laptop that has been untouched for more than 2 years, and ‘lo and behold, this image that i created in Paint was still sitting happily in my laptop, left unsaved. it was as if it was waiting for me to uncover it once more, to remind me again (as always) that i am, in His eyes, lovely.

the going gets tough (hasn’t it always been?). the anxiety rattles me through and through, inside out. the lability of my mood gets me so discombobulated, that even my team seems puzzled with my current state. i went for 5 consecutive nights without sleep during the work week last week. new symptoms of parasthesia which i have no clue as to what the cause might be- RA, neurological, topiramate-induced? my right hip has gone back to its original state pre-triamcinolone shot. the CT thorax identified 1 enlarged lymph node, but nothing else. my probation review is due next week. i’m flying off for my rheumatology conference cum leisure trip to the UK right after that.

so well. we give some, we take some. and in the mean time, i’m trying my darndest to keep my sanity intact.

God will provide.


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