nerve blocks!

Dr C, my anaesthetist surprised me today. i saw him asking him to write a letter to my rheumy as i was due to see her soon, as he is now primarily co-managing my pain. at the same time i had 2 painful trigger points just right at that point with my shoulders flaring. we talked and talked about my treatments, and he wandered into nerve blocks.

nerve blocks? i’ve always had trigger point injections with him. yeah, he said nerve blocks because of my complaints of high levels of pain in my shoulders and upper back. i did emphasize that my shoulder joints are the ones flaring though, and then the upper back painful from the trigger points. so he decided to try to block the suprascapular nerve with bupivacaine and triamcinolone.


he did it blind, meaning he did it without ultrasound guidance or any imaging whatsoever. he was that experienced. he had to use a spinal needle. and for those who don’t know, a spinal needle is a long ass needle that frightens most people. sometimes it intimidates me too. especially when doctors use it on my patient’s spines. then again, it had to be used because the nerve was that far in. the length was needed.


yup. oh well, but it went fine, prolly because there was local anaesthetic. Dr C kept asking me if i was fine when he was doing it bilaterally. He kept telling me that i could hold his nurse’s hand if i had to. but HONESTLY, it was ok. for me.

Dr C said my pain threshold was unusually high. i wanted to tell him that is someone with RA didn’t have a high threshold, how would the person live? now what more with fibromyalgia now? but i didn’t say it. he was was glad to help. too kind to waive a lot of charges because i was my boss’ staff.

my arms were rather weak after lunch. i couldn’t lift them up from the upper elbows, and it was super weird. like some odd kinda paralysis. but it was not unexpected. Dr C had warned me about it. the worst part was that i had to do a lot of lifting right after lunch. it wasn’t impossible, but it was painful, ironically. at the joint capsule.

nerve blocks. in my shoulders. i actually “YAY”ed in front of Dr C when he suggested it. i hope it works. and i hope he writes a useful letter for my rheumy. hopefully the ‘paralysis’ will be totally gone when i wake up later.


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