it’s been getting worse; i can’t sleep flat on my back. standing, or even sitting the whole day makes ending the day lying flat on my bed excruciating. last night was the worst ever. lately i’ve had to sleep with a pillow under the lordosis of my spine. last night, that did not even work. i had to curl up to stretch out my vertebra and sleep on my sides. and that makes my hip flexors hurt.

erm i don’t know what to do with that???

today my spine is hurting the whole day despite my meds. tonight, i will take my oxycodone with my flurazepam to sleep and i’m hoping i won’t get any of those nasty side effects i got before.

to digress, it sucks to be so poor to not have money to buy any more pregabalin. 😦 i want to cry because of the pain and the anxiety and now my lorazepam requirements have gone to at least 1mg (2 tabs) each dose i take because my anxiety flies through the roof.

now i’m rambling.

the nerve blocks in my suprascapular nerves have helped tremendously in my periarticular shoulder pain. i bumped into Dr C and i told him that. however being the ‘realist’ i am, the absence of pain cannot discount the fact that there might be, and actually most probably still be inflammation in my periarticular structures of my shoulders. not feeling the pain just makes me happier, less miserable and more functional. and it’s important to recognise that although i can use my shoulders however i want (not totally, still a little limited), it is still prone to injury because i do not know how inflammed they are.




One thought on “ram-pain-blings

  1. I read your blog in details. I feel your pain because I am also in pain everyday although I have different problem. Recently I swim two times a day and I found it helps me a lot and allows me to cut medicine to minimal dose. I wonder if you would like also to try it. Btw, you are great writer.

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