love will heal

i hope i did not frighten anybody putting a photo of my scars.

i did not put it up to ‘show it off’ to say, you know, “look this is how hurt i am!”, or that “this is how much i can do!”. that would be extremely insulting and disrespectful to myself and the people around me who are suffering as well.

i put it up to open up my shell, slowly but surely. start it off online first, then perhaps one day in real life.

this is the UGLY reality of someone who’s been to hell and back. this is the unspoken truth that nobody sees or talks about.

i sometimes call them my battlescars. but have i really fought a war? i wonder. for now, i can only muster the courage to tell people that i was “very sick”. or if i find myself a little humorous that day, i’ll just say that i went to fight a war.

perhaps it will take years of healing within, despite my exterior has already healed. i’ve had superficial scars, laceration scars, burn scars, stitch scars, word scars, keloidal scars, and i have scars upon scars. they say scars themselves are weaker than skin. are they? and some scars from which wounds which were very bad that are numb now. they don’t feel touch anymore.

i don’t know.

i guess, like i said in one of my posts, when daggers come my way, love heals yes. but haemostasis takes time. the latter is done. the former has to begin.

love will heal, Steph.


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