sunday morning musings

1. guilt is a terrible feeling, even though you know you’ve said sorry and your apology has been accepted. and if you don’t let it go, it will eat you up slowly.

2. you only learn when you make mistakes. that means you are doing. but people will make you feel like mistakes are not allowed, as if they themselves do not commit them. and that sometimes make you wanna stop trying and even doing. you are not perfect, neither are they.

3. if you know taking your painkillers will make your sleep better, take it and not be lazy just because you’re already semi-asleep. just that little trouble will spare you hours of agony with your eyes wide open wondering why you are so uncomfortable.

4. be accountable to your boss. he has the right to know what happened to his patient. tell him early. sometimes it makes things easier, even if it’s something wrong you’ve done for your patient.

5. sometimes you hate your parents, and they nag too much at you that you want to scream your head off at them. but they still love you (i think). and things you ordinarily won’t do for them, they’d do for you, without asking for anything in return. if only you’d ask.



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