oh heart

I forgot to mention that my repeat 2D echocardiogram of my heart still shows a dilated left ventricle. LVIDd of 5.1cm. This is in comparison to 5.2 cm from back in July, Negligible? Yes to me. My ejection fraction(EF) has dropped from 60% to 55%. It once used to be 67%. I find it stupid and sad, despite my cardiologist’s reassurances. I work in a cardiology, and i roughly know what that means, And my mitral valve regurgitation which was once trivial? It has turned to mild.

The last one, trivial mitral regurgitation, is very common in people actually. So we used to just brush it off. But now now that it has worsened to a mile stage (where there is then the moderate and severe MR after), we have to observe for symptoms.

In my mind, i asked myself, if i’m already breathless, it’s pretty hard to tell if my breathlessness gets worse when my MR gets worse. but oh well. whatever.

it’s not that i don’t care about my heart. i just have better things to care about. things that need to be addressed and can be changed.

oh well. *shrugs*


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