What i did in 2014

the year is ending again. so as usual, i’d like to summarise the year. this year saw many firsts, and i think that is an achievement by itself. but of course, i had to fight hard for it. they didn’t come easy. there were also setbacks. they nevertheless still go into the books!


  1. Went back to work after a year’s hiatus (with 6 months worth of incarceration and the rest of it trying to stay alive in the wild) and i survived!
  2. I had my first admin/desk job, and i now know i am NOT suited for one.
  3. I made my debut as an emcee in an Asian Pacific conference in the above job. It was fun!
  4. Solo trip to UK!!! London, Liverpool, Edinburgh! I promise long overdue photos!
  5. I attended the British Society of Rheumatology’s Conference!
  6. I watched Royal Ballet live in the Royal Opera House!
  7. Also watch Les Miserables at West End!
  9. I left my desk job. But it also meant i left the hospital which i grew up in, as a person, a student and a nurse. It was very tough for me, but i coped very well with it (according to my doctors).
  10. A short piece i wrote on therapeutic writing will be published in a book of amongst others next year. 🙂
  11. Against my personal pact, i got a clinical job in the private sector; a cardiology clinic.
  12. Stopped therapy as working clinic hours meant that i’m working at the same time as my therapists.
  13. A slew of health issues; dilated left ventricle, new diagnosis of fibromyalgia, investigated for gastroparesis etc.
  14. I saw MANY doctors! My usual rheumy and psychiatrist, then my cardiologist, 2 gastroenterologists, 2 anaesthetists (pain specialists), and lastly a nephrologist.
  15. I was poked MANY times too. joint injections, nerve blocks, trigger point injections etc. But it was also the first time in awhile that i actually had pain relief.
  16. Accidental victim of the notorious steroid side effects after a lot of triamcinolone went into my SI joints. My steroid load was also high from previous injections. So…
  17. I left my 2nd job for the 2nd time this year. I’ve learnt first hand real work politics and boy was it difficult to navigate.
  18. I bleached my hair! I went back to my teenage angsty days for awhile.
  19. The number of medications i’m getting are dwindling. So that’s good!
  20. However, my pain control is so bad i’ve maxed Lyrica (pregabalin) and got started on opioids.
  21. I discovered i have HIGH cholesterol. I was so sad and disgusted.
  22. I am in “REMISSION” for my RA. I’m not on any RA meds.
  23. I celebrated many milestones- staying safe, staying out of hospital etc. And i’ve learnt that i can pick myself up after a fall, and not let the fall tumble into more serious things.
  24. I began to embrace that there is nothing like HOME. Yes home can be triggering, but my family members will always be around for me. I am learning to treasure my family members more now.
  25. I learnt more than ever, the stigma attached to mental illness. It’s absolutely repulsive. And it’s sad.


So yeah. That pretty much summarises my year. Putting it all down in a list puts things into perspective for me. For what it’s worth, this year was nothing short of a wild ride. One thing i am disappointed with is that because of work, i was unable to make time for a mission trip. But i hope that next year, there will be a chance for at least one mission trip.


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