Here’s 2015



i put up this photo of me from a few days back because i look genuinely happy (i think?). whatever that has transpired in the past month, whether good or bad, i feel i’ve ended the year on a rather happy note. and for that i feel blessed.

not quite a person to make resolutions, i still have wishes for the new year.

– going back to clinical nursing in a hospital. i think of the patients i can help, and i really want to go back to that. i have a chance of doing so, and i pray that through God’s blessings, it can and will happen.

– recovery. it’s a continuous journey that never becomes easier, and i pray for the strength to persevere and not give up. i’ve come so far, not to give up but to continue to trudge on and be well.

– words do not have to hurt if i do not allow them to hurt me. i think it’s high time i learnt this because this is my achilles heel, and it is the damned thing that gets to me everytime.

– begin to believe that i am in control, even though my physical body says otherwise. RA and/or fibromyalgia can flare and make me feel out of control when pain engulfs me. but it does not make me weak and i do not have to feel like a victim.

– carry on, no matter how hard it is to. there is no escape plan.

and lastly,

– respect. respect the body that i am in, the body that God and my parents gave to me. and respect for the effort people put into me that i can become a better person.

– love. love freely and wholeheartedly.

– heal. and bloom.


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