my incompetence as a being

when you have judged my incompetence as a being because of the depression, eating disorder, the scars i have, or even RA and fibromyalgia, it opens my eyes to who and what you really are.

i’m fighting many battles that you don’t have the privilege of having, thank you very much. i’m holding on very tightly to my calling and passion when there are people trying to pull it away from me. i’ve lost and i have loved. i try every single second to breathe and be ok, either physically or mentally, both sometimes. and i am clinging onto my dear life- it’s not a hyperbole by the way.

so when you do that, i just think, are you really worth my time? my attention? my care and concern? love even?

my incompetence as a being- i came up with this term. no one said this to me. but things that people do or say, over the years, just screams in my head these haunting 5 words.


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