down down down

i spoke too soon, and maybe i really can’t take anymore rejections.

i was ok today. went out to take a small walk in the malls. looked for something to fix my face due to massive breakouts from steroids. went to the bookstore to feed my reading needs. oh then the supermarket for food!

i had forgotten to check my email today. i checked it on the bus home. and then i saw it. a rejection email. it came from one of the hospitals that were very appreciative of me during the interviews (read previous post). i was crushed. my heart dropped. i was literally down to the last 2 hospitals, and this they rejected me. on what grounds? what is it this time? RA? depression? couldn’t answer the frequency of penicillin administration? CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHY OR WHAT? i really gave a shit about this because to give myself the best prospectives, it has to be a government hospital. but it might be due to the fact that it is a government hospital that i’m being stigmatized.

i have 1 last hospital. private one. i had a call today from human resource firming out my license stuff. God forbid if i heard it wrong, but they might be offering me a position on Monday. but what i know now, nothing is ever sure. who knows if they change their mind.

some people who know me but see me on Facebook tell me that they find me incredibly disillusioned. well i should be. i’ve been served a pretty nasty platter. and it doesn’t get better.


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