kneading pride out of me

nothing can explain whatever that has happened except for God.

no matter how much pain i was in, he was trying to shape, mould, knead me even if it hurts me. for what it is worth, i am at His knees. i’ve thought about this for a year or two now, after the pain i’m in isn’t blinding me as much… i am very sure that He is taking from me my superfluous pride. i know, God. i know.

everything hurt because i was too prideful. and people around me hurt because i was too prideful as well.

i’ve realised that my pride is my cover. a good cover for a really insecure person underneath it. strip me bare and what you see is the real me- insecure and needy. the exact opposite of being so utterly prideful, no?

my new job shed new light on how i am still a work in progress. to be honest, i struggle to identify with being a nurse in this private hospital. i swore to myself before i’ll never work in private hospitals, because the patients are more affluent. i promised myself to always work in government hospitals because that’s where patients from all walks of life are. but with this new job i have to believe that there is something in it for me. i believe God and His works. He never stops working, shaping and moulding me.

but whatever it is, i am, and we all are, perfect in God’s sight.


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