fallen (like literally!)

so i surpassed myself yesterday.

i was saying i was going to see my anaesthetist. i did. but i was so damn tired. i was on the way home and in the train, nodding off ever so frequently. i had to keep apologising to the person next to me whenever i was ‘conscious’. that was the simple part. i had to walk a long way home after.

so i did. and i was falling asleep while walking. and lo and behold, i crashed into the grass/soil/rocks and off the pavement because i actually did fall asleep. that moment when i hit the ground?


i was wide awake by then. i had scraped my knee and calf badly, and the thick concrete pavement i fell off bruised my hip badly too. i called my mum. she nearly screamed “WHAT IF YOU FELL ASLEEP CROSSING THE ROADS???” she doesn’t scream, but when she heard what happened to me, she almost did. my dad was overseas, and when i told him about it, he told me the exact same thing my mum did.


today i went to see my other psychiatrist. no i was not sleepy. but yes you guessed it. i fell again. i slipped off a small slope. i guess my Fit Flops are too worn out. the worse thing was that i slipped under my scraped knee, and my other leg was stretched out. my scraped knee remained scraped mmhmm, but my big toe got cut.

now my family is like “how the hell do you fall so often lah!”

in the last 6-8 months, i probably fell 5 or more times in public. damned i don’t care about getting hurt. it’s embarrassing!!!


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