what gives?

the plan i have with my anaesthetist since i saw him last Thursday was to cut down pregabalin(Lyrica). but it does seem like his plans and mine are incongruent. i did try to tell him about my concerns, but there was only so much that was going in 😦

  • pregabalin is too expensive, and a nurse’s pay cannot upkeep this prescription along with my other medications and doctor’s visits etc.
  • pregabalin made me gain weight about as much as steroids did when i was first diagnosed with RA. however this only really escalated when my dose was increased to 600mg.

he cut my dose to 450mg, but will only review me in 2 months. i still cannot afford it. and the weight gain is weighing heavily on my eating disorder this time round as well. i may need to titrate it myself. (i know, i’m being some bad ass here, but damned i need to do this…)

but as much as i want to say NO to pregabalin, i acknowledge it is helpful for my fibromyalgia. it’s less than 5 days that i just took off one white capsule of pregabalin, but my fibro flares in my back seem to be coming back. and the oxycodone don’t seem to be doing anything for it.

so what gives?

i wish there was someone i could talk to about this- someone who is trained in counselling and also in chronic illness. there is no one i talk to who can even understand half of what i talk.



One thought on “what gives?

  1. Try looking up the hospitalist, we have those at my hospital and what you say you need is exactly what they do. They can help be your advocate, or find the right people for you to talk to. Call your pain clinic or hospital or whatever and tAlk with a coordinator to help you find the right path for you. And if your not happy with the doctor find a new one, having had serious medical issues my entire adult life I do understand the gravity a5nd frustration if finding a new dr, you could’ve had find an amazing one, you just know. I hope you find the right combo and find the relief you need. Best of luck!🍀

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