when RA triggers me mentally





i was studying Module 8 of my EULAR Rheumatology Course, and i think there might have been some transference and maybe even some projection. ugh it was so bad my anxiety was escalating i had to put it down till i’m ready to face it again. the story is complicated. but in my eyes she has failed me terribly. so as much as i wanted to be as calm, i couldn’t. inside me i was still pretty much trembling in fear. fear of what? the hell i know. damn it,




Atumblr_njy2hlOiBc1un8ndmo6_540 Atumblr_njy2hlOiBc1un8ndmo7_540 Atumblr_njy2hlOiBc1un8ndmo3_540 Atumblr_njy2hlOiBc1un8ndmo2_540 Atumblr_njy2hlOiBc1un8ndmo1_540 Atumblr_njy2hlOiBc1un8ndmo4_540



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