it’s been 500 days out in the wild! again, i did not expect this, and chanced upon my days counter a few days ago. i got a spanking new Naish Alana Stand-Up Paddle for myself! it was a really good investment really. 🙂


the top photo in the collage is where i learnt stand-up paddling (SUP) for the past 2 lessons. it’s located in Changi, and it was quite a challenge as a beginner to paddle in the open sea. the bottom 3 photos were taken the same day i bought my Naish paddle. it’s a beautiful and light carbon paddle. ladies’ paddle, of course!



he above 3 photos were from the first lesson. i’m on the yellow board in long sleeves (rash guard!) on the left most for the bottom 2 photos. we managed to see a family of sea otters that day! it was amazing!!!and to my utter surprise, i liked being in the sea. just not when i swallow sea water when i fall over.

i have not done any sea sport for more than 10 years, and even when i did, it was because of school camps. but i’m very glad i tried SUP. i’ve taken a liking to this sport, and will continue to SUP for a long time to come!

again, 500 DAYS!!!


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