trail mix

battling constant nausea despite hardcore ondansetron, i had to cut off tramadol. vomited a number of times over the course of about 3-4 days.

fibromyalgia flaring, and i’ve been having occipital pain with some referring pain. it then dawned upon me it might be occipital neuralgia. who knows? i pray not. but the occiput hurts so much i am seriously considering shaving the back, below where the occiput is. just an undercut so i cut at least rub in some ointment. doing it now with my long hair is just so messy and nothing gets to the skin.

currently trying to ward off a trail mix bag of symptoms like dizziness, frontal headaches, temporal headaches, tension headaches, retrorbital pain, neck pain, and the above 2 symptoms etc.

can you imagine the horror when i had to cut off the tramadol? i am deathly afraid, of all things, nausea. my first suspect was definitely tramadol, because i’ve been loading my body too much with it as of late due to the increase in pain. i have not however, increased the dose to 400mg since my EMD visit. that is one risk i refuse to take no matter how much pain i am in. initially when the nausea was intractable, i stopped taking everything because it was such a nightmare. but now i’m back to taking everything, but still being very careful. no tramadol, despite the additional symptoms that seem to concentrate in the skull.

oh gosh. can i wake up from this nightmare now.

seeing my rheumy tomorrow. i hope there will not be triggers. *fingers crossed*

saw my psychiatrist. 2 weeks of medical leave again. no going back to work, he says! and i concur.


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