ain’t healing well

my full thickness graft has taken, according to the doctors. however, about 10-20% of the graft looks like it will not hold. these parts have been slough, some of it have fallen off, and now the doctor is saying these 10-20% of it looks like it has pseudomonas.

i told them i am not optimistic that these parts will heal properly because my immune system is down from MTX. once i said so, the other doctor scrambled to check my records. they had overlooked that my MTX hasn’t been stopped. so the doctor had to do debridement that day with some.iodine scrubbing, in hopes it heals in a better condition.

because right now the options i have is to either just let it be, or go back for surgery. for the former, it will be long drawn with high risks of infection and worse scarring than the rest of the graft. for the latter, it might not be only one surgery. it can be more than that.

how did things get so complicated? just because i “danced” in fire? nursing it with silver dressing now. hoping for the best, and next Monday, i’ll probably know when my original senior consultant (who happens to head the department) sees it and gives me the options.



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