jabbing the head

i saw my anaesthetist on Thursday.

i had occipital nerve blocks- he injected bupivacaine and triamcinolone on both sides at the base of my skull (the occiput) around the occipital nerves. and boy, of so many jabs i’ve ever had in my life, this was one of the worst that i exclaimed in pain. he told me that the space was very tight (after he introduced the needle).

my headaches have become very chronic in nature, much to my dismay. and almost always, it originates from the occiput, only to radiate to the top and sides of the skull. my neurologist says it’s nothing. my painkillers do nothing, and i understand opioids are not the best option for tension headaches. so i’m grateful that my anaesthetist is more than willing to help me with the pain.

he had told me that while i was being treated for my burns in the other tertiary hospital, the anaesthetists there called him. apparently he is quite close to the Anaesthesia Department there, he said. and they brought up the issue to him that they thought i shouldn’t be on oxycodone (for my fibromyalgia). he begged to differ, as he related it to me. he knows there are grey areas in treating FM. of course my anaesthetist had resolved the issue of their differing opinions by himself without affecting my usual medications. but i guess i now understand why i faced so much resistance for pain management while i was there.

i related to my anaesthetist that actually in FM, everything seems to be grey. all i got were nods.

i always have a problem recovering from nerve blocks- despite the local anaesthetic, the injection site will still be very sore for at least a day. with my occipital nerve block, it’s been a little over 3 days and things still seem a little wobbly. it’s still a little sore, i still get a little headachey, but i’m hoping it works out for my chronic headaches.

fighting tonsilitis and pharyngitis for more than a week, and i just want it to go away!


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