on Tuesday i was told by my GP i have a quinsy- peritonsillar abscess. it probably came as a complication of the tonsilitis that started from 2 weeks ago. so starting on my 2nd course of antibiotics- clarithromycin- i finally surrendered and asked my GP if i should have it drained. what i thought was a simple case of tonsilitis, and the pain it caused that would go away quickly, never went away and instead got worse in so many ways. so reluctantly i dragged myself to the Emergency Room once more and again.

the ENT doctor told me what he was going to do step-by-step, and it horrified me. before he could inject local anaesthetic, he had to syringe out the pus to locate the true abscess. only then can he numb the area and make an incision. he had asked if my pain threshold was ok. of course i said yes! justified it with my medical background, but i know he didn’t believe me.

in went the needle the first time, and with my mouth open and the needle in the abscess and screamed and teared. it was excruciating. it didn’t help that it had to happen again when he had to numb the area twice. i was cursing with what i could manage. the doctor even asked me if it is that painful!!! when he took the scalpel to create the incision i dreaded it. but there was no pain. there was relief even, as the pus came out.

but the twist came when he had to insert a pair of forceps into the incision to stretch the tissue, and in my own words aggravate the “pocket” that has been created so that as much pus can be drained.¬†at this point, the doctor while staring into my mouth, said that he now actually believes why i said my threshold of pain is high. and he was surprised that my threshold is even better than most guys. DIDN’T I TELL YOU MY PAIN THRESHOLD IS HIGH? haha.

i found it rather amusing actually!!!

i feel rather relieved that IV antibiotics are not needed, and neither are scans nor admission. my throat has never felt better in the last 2 weeks. but as the LA is wearing off the pain is returning. the incision is at least an inch long, which took me by surprise. i just hope that any pus doesn’t collect again, and that the pain won’t be as bad as having the quincy.

seeing the ENT doc again tomorrow for him to review. aargh.


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