a literal pain in the ass

i used my walking cane again yesterday. i didn’t miss it at all; i haven’t used it in more than a year.

i struggled to decide if it was all worth it because more than anything, there will be stares, odd looks and a multitude of questions. but in the end succumbed, because i was going to be walking and moving around a lot with my community the whole day. it was not all that bad i guess. but i think i was more focused on making sure the cane could take the weight off my leg/hip so that pain will not be elicited.

the pain post-bowling has morphed into something that hurt with each walking stride, although the acute muscle aches of the glutes, hamstrings and IT band has largely settled. everytime my left leg extends to the back in the stride, my butt would hurt. enough for me to be distressed. i suspect it might be tendinitis at the origin of the hamstring muscles (at the ischial tuberosity), or ischial bursitis. i am not a doctor, but my extended experiences with tendinitis and bursitis at plenty of my joints gave me some clue at the characteristics of pain. my adductors on my right leg are also screaming. imagine this sharp and intense pain in your groin. amazing. *ouch*

i wish it is easier to use a walking cane in Singapore. canes here are doomed to be the property of the elderly.

anyway, i hope this will pass soon. i don’t know how my body could let a bowling game hurt me so much. is it bad to say that i’m disappointed with my body?


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