unnecessary update

things that have happened in the past week:

  • got a subacromial triamcinolone injection in my left shoulder for the rotator cuff tendinitis that has persisted for 2+ months, with false hopes. it’s been a week and it’s still giving me much grief.
  • DMARDs are held off by rheumy again. beginning to agree with rheumy that i might be growing out of my RA. yay?
  • the ankle with the torn ligament is getting much better with plenty of rest!
  • infection on my arm with a lot of frank pus. gross.
  • decided to return to class right after i come back from my silent retreat in Chiang Mai. so that will be early May. parents are still worried i’m pushing myself too hard???
  • almost 2 weeks out! oh my life is boring.

4 thoughts on “unnecessary update

  1. hi Steph, just want to let you know i’m still here, silently rooting for you, and sending love. please accept a hug? xx

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