i woke up on Tuesday morning with my left lower leg asleep. it was numb as hell. and  when i tried to restore any sensation in it (because i naturally thought i must have slept in  a funny position), it couldn’t happen. it was a nightmare.

my mum brought me to the EMD. took bloods and x-rays. they wanted to admit me under orthopaedics because it appeared to be caused by some issues with my L5 and S1 spine (it appears to correlate with L5 and S1 dermatomes). i waited for quite a few hours for the bed, and then suddenly the orthopaedic team came to do their rounds. they did the usual tests, and told me they have no idea what it is, and that even if i was admitted they were not going to do anything. only give me some stupid supplement for my nerves. i was extremely frustrated, and told them i’d rather go home. in my mind i thought this doctor was talking bull, and i wasn’t going to take any of this shit.

i went for a second opinion today (Wednesday) with a spine specialist. the numbness was a bit better and i could feel pins and needles. he looked through my x-ray and MRI films from before. of all things, he caught erosions in my left hip, probably from my RA. the joint space is narrowed, and nobody knew or said anything. the supposed “syrinx” that was reported in my MRI at the C6 level appeared to him as a “plaque”. all the tests he did made it obvious to him it was very unlike to be a spinal issue. he told me it seemed more like a neurological problem.

he mentioned a slight possibility of Multiple Sclerosis, especially when there is a plaque at the level of the cervical spine, and with such symptoms without any aggravating factors.

it’s a mixed bag of feelings. i’m giving this leg until Friday. and if it’s still not MUCH better, then i’m going to the EMD again. but looking at the way it is, it probably will go away before that. i’m quite sure of that. such shit usually don’t last very long.


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