mostly better

30 days of the Attack on My Left Leg (ALL) has just passed.

i made a resolve to be walking without my crutch this week, especially when i’m out of the house. i’ve had some near-misses, but after 4 days i am still unscathed. there’s still some numbness in my foot and my medial thigh. but the strength is better than it was. of course it’s still weak and i can’t even try to run for the bus or the lift. but the exercises that i did helped a tad. i have been having nightmares where my left leg has gone totally numb and motionless. i hope that will never happen.

pain-wise, my shoulders are better than when i was in the hospital. if anything, my lower back and my head hurt more than my shoulders. i’ve been able to cope without opioids. my anaesthetist didn’t know what to do with my back pain except to loan the department’s TENS unit to me to tide me over the next 1 month.

my mood on the other hand, did not improve with the increased lithium. sigh.



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