triamcinolone in my shoulder!

saw my rheumy today. i haven’t had much flares since i last saw her a little over a month ago. the shoulders, though have never failed to persist in hurting. it’s presumably the same ol’ tendinitis and tenosynovitis.

both inflammatory markers were very slightly elevated. ESR was 28, and CRP was 25. there didn’t seem to be a reason for them to be elevated. i haven’t had any infections lately, nor active flares. so rheumy and i talked about getting an intra-articular steroid shot into the subacromial space, since it’s the only thing troubling me. i remember deciding with her and my anaesthetist that i should stay away from the intra-articular steroid injections because i’ve accumulated a very high steroid load last year, leading to a lot of weight gain without having much benefits with my pain management.

but since i haven’t had any since the end of last year, we decided to give it another shot. we chose the left shoulder to jab because it has a smaller range of motion. i’m letting it rest today, then tomorrow onwards i have to go back to doing my strengthening and ROM exercises. right now, post-injection, it’s flaring up a bit. not unusual. it’s always happened with any joint injections.

seeing my anaesthetist 2 days later. if my left shoulder gets better in these 2 days, i may ask him to jab my right shoulder. we’ll see how.

right now though, my RA is pretty quiescent. not complaining. in fact, i’m actually very grateful to God for this. i’ve seen worse flare days. so it’s quite a respite. but i’m having more physical problems with fibromyalgia and headache, and i’m taking a shit load of painkillers everyday. am aware that i need to invest in a good TENS unit. but i’ll wait till i see my anaesthetist.


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