Steph has a burning passion for both nursing and ballet. she was once a part-time ballet teacher while a nursing student. she is now a registered nurse, and a full time patient with rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, a dilated left ventricle and depression+bulimia nervosa+borderline personality disorder. she tries everyday to be more and do more for herself, her patients and the people around her. she seeks too, to give relentlessly without receiving.

nursing being a calling from God since 2007, Steph aspires to be a nurse who empowers her patients, and be her patients’ advocate. using her experiences as a patient, she strives to empathise with her patients and thrives on her contact with them. nursing is probably what keeps her going through difficult times.

apart from empathy, Steph values love, kindness, respect, responsibility, integrity, self-awareness and insight. she believes being more than mediocrity. and she believes in being true to herself, holding onto her ideals, values and beliefs very tightly. she believes in mutual and reciprocal respect and is quite intolerant of people who are unkind, insensitive, disrespectful, delusioned and jaded. all of these are probably what irks people when they get in contact with Steph!

Steph loves and appreciates the people around her- her family, friends, the people on her treatment team, and people who take it upon themselves to walk with me on my journey, and teach me things about life that no one wants to tell her. she loves her dogs as well- Clover, a pomeranian, and Poppy, a toy poodle. they give her reasons to smile when she loses hope with humanity. dogs are like that!


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