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i can finally breathe *exhales*

missing 3 weeks out of the 5 weeks of classes, rushing 2 papers in 1 week, and cramming 1000+ powerpoint slides for 2 exams- this are things that i endeavour not to attempt again. managing all these, together with work, and the expectations from my lecturers and parents, was a great test of my faith and strength.

amnesia was something i didn’t talk about during this period. it was and still is something i struggle with. going through currents threatens the memories that i’ve been holding, and the new ones i’m making. although i’ve made it through nursing school and work with it, going for exams 3 weeks after i’ve done 3 sessions, was me playing with fire. but what was i to do? if i can’t remember it, i can’t. does it not hurt to know you’ve studied something but you don’t know what it is when the time comes?

the year is coming to an end. i have a retreat to serve at, and 4 doctors appointments to go for, between now and the new year.school is on a break till then *phew*. but work is still ongoing.



Fuck exams

What a terrible nightmare.

I had my sociology paper at 9am today, and Management at 4pm. All I can say? DIE.

I have been trying to study for sociology for the past few days. I tried to burn the midnight oil last night after the buffet I had with friends. But that was an epic phail because I was too shagged. From what, I don’t know. So lo and behold, I only found out the topics and format 30min before the paper. *jaw*. Needless to say, I was cursing and swearing under my breath for the whole 2 hours, and wondering at the same time if I should be laughing or crying.

On the other hand, I had so much more time to study for the Management paper. I even managed to nap and drift off to lalaland while studying. I was hitting 10hrs in school by the time the paper started, and I was literally gonna drop dead. But I was pleasantly surprised at the questions. By no means am I confident of a good grade though.

Can I just say that I killed the last papers of my time in nursing school? One more tomorrow. DIE.

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It was icing on the cake a little while after i got my results. I shan’t say it here, but it did get me a little worked up. And i do wonder how it even happened, because if my memory didn’t fail me, i thought i didn’t do well for one of the papers. Oh well.

BUT my papers are next week during my OT posting. I guess i have to replace 2 days all by myself after the 6 weeks. And i NEED to start revision now if i want to pull up my GPA.

Work in the PAC3 observation bay was fine. I’m just so scared of the resuscitation area for Thursday, and the PAC2 area for Friday.

We brought the puppy to the vet today. She’s having a kennel cough and a little bit of a runny nose. So antibiotics for her, which i have so much trouble administering PO with a syringe. We’re going to be very strict with her whimpering and crying because we don’t want it to be a habit. And i hope Clover takes to her really soon. The whole family will really go crazy if the night-barking carries on, and it’ll definitely affect my performance in the hospital. She’s cute, but everytime comes with a price, no? .l

*aargh* The stress is building up again, and i’m getting very frustrated.


Results have been released!

I did well. But I’m still left with 3 papers. Which all happen to be killer papers. Gotta whack it hard, and score well. Need to bring that GPA upupupupup!

Pretty screwed however, up in my head. And a lack of sleep is making me go nobly.

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